Tuesday, January 11, 2011

R.I.P: to a Legend: Dash2000 UTI RF

Today was another sad day in Los angeles graff history. LA Legend DASH died in his sleep last night from what i was told. He was battling cancer. My regards go out to his family, friends, and crews. I hear there is talks about the website 50mmlosangeles.com shutting its doors for a day in remembrance of Dash and also a mural in his honor. Sad way to start 2011, pourin out my 40 for a lost soldier.

Dash was not only talented in graffiti in street art but canvas art was truely amazing as well.

Remebered.In.Paint Dash2000 UnderTheInfluece RapidFire
From everyone at Never Low

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Anonymous said...

Dash wasn't RF ... Just Sayin.