Monday, November 29, 2010

New Year's Resolution

Everytime i go take a peak at the bike game on craigslist or ebay there are always the "Ive had this bike laying around and i never got around to fixing it up" guy. Well im not gonna let that happen to me. I picked up this Vintage 1970's Campania "Medalist" a couple months ago and had it stored since. The company was originally based out of Van Nuys Ca. but went under in the late 70s. Some how i got the chance to climb around the owner's son's garage for a couple hours and pick out 3 of the best ones he had, and decided to keep the blue one for myself. I luckily also found the matching chain guard, front and back fenders, Sakae Japan stem and dropbars and even the bike's original owners manual. There are some nicks and scuffs from 30+ years in the garage but the bike has never been mounted or ridden!!. Im proud to say i own a piece of American Cycling History

Ill be sure to keep you posted with updates and pictures of the building process and for more pictures be sure to check out the new Never Low Flickr (<--- Click herrre)